Wytheville Attorney For Eminent Domain And Condemnation

If you are a property owner in Wythe County, Bland County, Carroll County, Pulaski County or Smyth County, Virginia, and have been notified by your municipal authority that some or all of your land faces appropriation for a public works project under the state's eminent domain laws, call Campbell & Munique, P.C., in Wytheville.

You CAN Fight For More Money. You CAN Fight To Keep More Of Your Land.

Under eminent domain laws, property owners who face losing land have the right to seek payment for maximum property value. It is difficult to fight a winning condemnation battle, but it doesn't mean property owners have to lose. In many land condemnation cases, the municipal entity hires its own property valuation expert, with the hope of paying as little as possible for the land. In other cases, the project does not require as much land as the city or county proposes to condemn and appropriate.

Current And Future Public Works Projects

There are several projects underway in Virginia, or will soon start, that may mean you will receive a letter of property condemnation. Some of these projects include the East Tennessee Natural Gas Company pipeline, Duke Energy pipelines and infrastructure improvements, and Wythe County electrical substation power lines. If you have received a condemnation letter or think you might face the condemnation of some or all of your property in the near future, call us to discuss your options right away.

We offer a free consultation to review your circumstances. Call our real estate attorneys for eminent domain issues at 276-228-6677 or contact us by email to arrange a meeting with one of our lawyers by phone or in our Wytheville office.