Wytheville Motorcycle Accident Attorney

How many times have we heard it: "I didn't see the motorcycle." Inattention and negligence are no excuse and absolutely no comfort to the motorcycle rider or passenger in the hospital recovering from serious injuries.

If you are a biker injured in a crash in southwestern Virginia, call the motorcycle accident attorneys at Campbell & Munique, P.C., in Wytheville. We know how quickly evidence and witnesses at the scene of a motorcycle accident can disappear. We move quickly to interview people and re-enact the crash scene, if necessary. We don't let your injuries or death of a loved one come down to your word against the negligent car driver's word.

Call us at 276-228-6677 or send an email with a brief description of the accident and your injuries or wrongful death case. We will respond promptly to set up a free consultation with one of our bike accident injury lawyers.