Wytheville Workplace Injury Attorney

Not Workers' Compensation Lawyers — We Are A Personal Injury Law Firm

Workers injured on the job or because of work-related activities in Virginia are eligible to claim workers' compensation benefits through their employer's insurance provider. Many workers are surprised to learn, however, that workers' comp only pays 80 percent of the loss of their earnings while they are off work.

We File Third-Party Lawsuits — Not Workers' Compensation Claims

Under Virginia law, injured workers receiving workers' compensation may not sue their employer for additional monetary damages. But the injured worker may sue the party responsible for causing the accident or injuries. These are referred to as third-party lawsuits. The negligent party may be the property owner of the job site, a manufacturer of a defective industrial product or even another employee or contractor working on site.

Call Campbell & Munique, P.C., in Wytheville. We are not a workers' compensation law firm. We are workplace injury attorneys. We help injured workers recover the full and fair amount of money damages they are owed from the negligent party. If you are already receiving workers' compensation in Virginia and know you deserve more, call our offices or send an email to arrange a free case evaluation. We will explain the third-party process and help you understand your options for recovering all the money you are owed.

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